Results Or Excuses is a multi-function hybrid gym. This means that it has the best of all gyms... CrossFit, Olympic Lifting, Powerlifting, Combat, functional training and fitness training.

If that doesn't set Results Or Excuses from other gyms for you we also have business partners in the building. A tattoo artist, Tattoos By Paul and a massage therapist Circadian Therapy.

Results or Excuses has a range of equipment that is still improving and growing

Lifting Platform

A built lifting platform where you can perform deadlifts and squats or use for Olympic lifting.

All Your Standard Gym Equipment

We have all the standard gym equipment... Squat rack, Fixed bench, Dumbell rack, Free benches, Pull up bars, Bands, Lat pulldown, Cable pull, Cannon bar holder etc...

Combat Areas

We also have a matted area with a punching bag which many of our members use and also a padded room which can be used for grappling and floorwork.

Functional Equipment

We have a range of different tyres, battle ropes, stationary bikes, kegs, sledgehammers, sleds and slam balls.

Hot Room

The padded hot room is a great place to stretch, do yoga and get warmed up before your workout. Aldo, if you're feeling up to it and are looking to drop water weight you can even do your work out in there..... good luck!

Tanning Bed

We also have a great tanning bed on-site which you can use from just 40p per minute.




Nathan Blackler is a qualified personal trainer and has been doing personal training and taking classes/boot camps for years. Nathan is also a passionate member of the army and has been in the reserves for more than 4 years.

Nathan likes to mix things up and still, even with his experience, Nathan likes to walk into new and different things with an open mind, carefully picking and choosing best practices of different disciplines to suit himself and his clients along with their goals.

The Results Or Excuses gym has been built around this. A gym where all types of exercise/lifting are in one place. Swansea's first hybrid gym.


Cellan Davies

Marketing Manager

& Gym Addict

“I have been friends with Nathan for years. He leant me gym equipment through 'lockdown' to help keep on my training. We did weekly check-ins with each other and motivated each other the whole time increasing our fitness and lifts together. Just coming out of lockdown now and I am training at his gym. I love the atmosphere there and the drive to achieve goals. I now won't train anywhere else!”